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The Board of Directors comprises of the following positions:
International Director
Vice Chairman
Secretary General
Operations Coordinator


1) Board of Directors

The Board of Directors comprises of the following positions:

Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

  1. Act prudently to the best interest of the organization.
  2. Discuss, allocate and approve operating budgets.
  3. Establish long term plans for the organization.
  4. Discussing and voting on the highest priority issues of the organization.
  5. Set the organizational policies.
  6. Represent the organization in and out of court.
  7. Hiring and evaluating key staffs of the organization on a salary basis.
  8. Discuss and approve update/progress reports from the children’s committee.
  9. Establish special committees to address specific issues.
  10. Ensure mutual respect and collaboration among heads of departments and all support staff.
  11. Get feedback and reports from heads of department and deliberate on them.
  12. Procure, deploy and manage financial and material resources of the organization.

Roles of the Chairman

  1. Represent the organization in all its affairs.
  2. Chair all meetings of the organization, including but not limited to, all Board of Directors meetings, general meetings and the Children’s Committee.
  3. Provide and develop general guidelines and strategies related to the affairs and development of the organization.
  4. Be the principal overseer of all the affairs and business of the organization.
  5. Ensure accurate two-way communication between the local and the wider organization.
  6. Initiate, develop and nurture communication and partnerships with the advisory members.

The Vice Chairman shall discharge the responsibilities of the Chairman in the absence of the Chairman or as delegated by the Chairman.

Roles of the Secretary General

  1. Keep minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors and the general meetings.
  2. Arrange for meetings of the organization on instructions of the Board of Directors, in special circumstances, on the instructions of the Chairman.
  3. Shall be the custodian of the constitution and the copies of the organization's documents.
  4. Shall keep all members posted with new developments and procedures within the organization.
  5. Assist the chairman with correspondences with parties outside the organization

Roles of the Treasurer

  1. Prepare the annual budget of the organization.
  2. Prepare and keep proper annual statements of account.
  3. Advice the chairperson and the Board of Directors on matters related to finance.
  4. Ensure that proper accounting procedures are adhered to
  5. Oversee proper accounting basis of all the financial records of the organization.
  6. Ensure that all bank drawings are counter signed either by the right signatories.
  7. Provide reports on the financial statement of the organization to the Board of Directors.

2) Heads of Departments

These are the staff members, either full-time or part-time, that shall oversee efficient and effective running of activities under their respective departments. They include the following:

Head of Food and Water department:

Under this department, he/she shall have a knowledge of food handling, storage and nutrition practices, preferably a nutritionist. He/she shall oversee and direct other staff in the department to execute various roles as:

  • Prepare balanced diet menu for the orphans.
  • Cook food for the orphans and ensure all orphans are well fed.
  • Gardening and harvesting food.
  • Planning and executing farming programs.
  • Explore ways to harvest water and food and keep the same safe for use
  • Ensure clean water supply and usage.
  • Keep the kitchen and food store in order and clean
Head of Medical and Welfare department:

Under this department, under his/her (nurse) guidance or in collaboration with the staff under this department, this department shall perform the following roles:

  • Provide nursing care to the sick or injured orphans and staff
  • Provide psychotherapy to the mentally depressed and traumatized orphans
  • Provide guidance and counselling.
  • Forge relations with the outside health centers for the interest of the sick in and outside the organization
  • Advice on hygiene and sanitation practices
  • Organize awareness programs on sensitive and contagious infections
  • Attend to the daily and emerging needs of the orphans
  • Ensure safe and healthy interactions among orphans especially between boys and girls
  • Ensure the clothes of the younger orphans are washed.
  • Maintain cleanliness within the institutions’ premises especially the dormitories.
  • Feed younger orphans.
  • Provide maintenance to sanitation machines and equipment.
  • Report any emergencies to the relevant authorities.
  • Report any behavioral changes among the orphans.

Head of Security and electricity department:

He/she shall ensure the following roles are performed by the staff, with his/her supervision and help.

  • Protect leaders of the organization, visitors within the organization and orphans from any potential harm or threats at all times.
  • Respond to any security emergencies in the immediate surroundings to prevent any harm reaching to the organization
  • Correspond with the electricity department to provide and maintain security lights.
  • Ensure optimal use of electricity.
  • Maintain and repair electric machines and equipment
  • Respond to any fire breakouts within the organization and in the immediate surroundings
  • Ensure correspondences and collaboration with the local fire brigades
  • Train other staff and orphans on firefighting drills and responsiveness
  • Train other staff and orphans on firefighting drills and responsiveness.  Ensure firefighting equipment are available within the premises and are properly working
Head of Finance department:

The head of finance department will carry out or oversee the following duties:

  • Keeping records on expenses of the organization
  • Reconcile financial records and balances.
  • Arranging tenders and procurement processes for organization supplies
  • Ensuring value for money for supplies purchased for usage in the organization
  • Ensuring the funds are utilized optimally and where necessary.
  • Reporting any misuse or misappropriation of funds.
  • To ensure efficient utilization of the organization finances
Head of Spiritual, Guidance and Counselling department:

He/she shall organize, direct, oversee and liaise with other staff to provide the following services:

  • Impart moral values and good behavior among the staff and orphans.
  • Offer guidance and counselling.
  • Offer grief support
  • Devise and provide depression management services to the children and staff.
  • Solve minor arguments among orphans
  • Help solve differences and arguments among staff or among orphans
  • Organize welfare retreats for the orphans.
  • Run morning and evening devotions for/with the orphans.
3) Children’s Committee

The Board of Directors, the Heads of Departments and the Children Representatives shall conduct periodic joint meetings to:

  • Boost better understanding among all levels of management structure
  • Listen and consider the negative and positive feedback aired from leaders, staff or children.
  • Listen and respond to the needs and grievances presented by the Children’s representatives.
  • Update the children through their representatives on matters that directly impact them.
  • Enhance collaboration among all people in the organization to work towards the interests of all.
  • Initiate a proper code of conduct among the children and staff
  • Organize retreats and workshops to promote Christian love and care among each other through all levels of management.
4) Advisory Committee

This committee will comprise of members who have the interests of the organization at heart and support its activities. Apart from their support, they will give their professional opinions and advice over many areas of operations within the organization. The Board of Directors, through its chairman, will consistently promote open and transparent communication and collaboration with the Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee, together with the Board of Directors, will occasionally organize visitations to the organization for the members and the non-members of the Advisory Committee who are interested in the cause and mission of the organization. If you want to be part of the advisorycommottee please let us know.

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