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Our region, Kisii highlands enjoys a tropical highland climate. Temperature vary from lows of 52F July to highs of 79F January, annually. The rain in this region is well distributed all year round thanks to its positioning in the Lake Victoria lake basin and the heavily foliaged Kisii highlands.

The region supports the farming of most crops and fruits but the main crops and fruits cultivated around the area include maize, managu, beans, bananas, pineapples, avocados, pawpaws etc.

Our Farming Objectives
  • To ensure sufficient and consistent supply of food for use at the organization.
  • To achieve a sustainable healthy vegetarian lifestyle within the organization.
  • Eating freshly produced farm products instead of processed or manufactured foods will reduce carbon footprint in our environment.
  • Fresh farm produce contains significantly higher nutritional value, which is key driver for this project.
  • To uphold the value of fruits and vegetables as the better version of medication in the organization.
  • To offer another avenue for volunteering opportunities and impart agricultural skills to the older children at the organization while offering employment opportunities to the community.



Our orphans often bear the burden of going to the river to fetch drinking water. This reduces their time for other productive activities like studying. In order to help these orphans and provide clean water for them to drink and use within the organization. We look to drill a well. We will hire a local water drilling company at a cost of $30,000.

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