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Lifeway Children’s center is non-profit independent organization which was founded in the year 2006. In 2012, it was registered as a Charitable Children’s Institution by the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Services under Regulation 3(1) of the Children Regulation, 2005 and duly given Registration number, CS NO. 000645. The center currently has 135 children enrolled, with 105 children being residents at the center and a further 30 being nonresidents. The youngest resident kid we have enrolled is 2 years old and the oldest is 18 years old.


Sharing God’s love through acts of mercy.


To provide a home filled with love and care to orphans and empower them to a state of self-reliance.


To be a universally renowned institution for its humanitarian efforts for the glory of God.



As non-profit institution, we acknowledge the responsibility that we have been called to, not only to the children that we take care of and the staff on our payroll, but also to the local authorities. We continually correspond with the relevant authorities for the sake of the well-being of the needy children in our community and efficient welfare of the enrolled children in our organization. We also acknowledge our social responsibility to our community. These responsibilities help us forge the goodwill of the community and also benefit the community either directly or indirectly. The main responsibility that we have for our community is producing morally upright, socially responsible adult Christians into the community out of the children that we enroll into our organization. This ensures we play a part in the alleviation of poverty and producing adults who can also help other needy people in our community. As a result, the rates of drug abuse, theft and other crimes within the community significantly reduce because these adults acquire an honest way of earning a living by and for themselves as well as help those in need who will otherwise engage in such ungodly behaviors. We are proud as an organization that some of the adults whom we enrolled and helped as needy children have come back to offer support/volunteer in this organization. Other social responsibilities include:

  1. Creating and giving employment opportunities to qualified and skilled members of the community to work at the organization.
  2. Giving emergency aid to the needy in the community and offering support to the emergencies that occur in the community.
  3. Initiating and engaging in community clean-up campaigns particularly, collection of litter and garbage to ensure proper disposal.
  4. Participation in clearing and repairing of bushes, community pathways and feeder roads to maintain a clean environment as well as draining stagnant waters to reduces chances of malaria
  5. Conducting workshops and campaigns to educate the community on health and hygiene practices especially for girls and the elderly.
  6. Helping the illiterate in the community acquire some literacy skills such as how to read and write
  7. Giving aid to the widows and the elderly in the community
  8. Spreading the gospel to members of the community through the church as well as evangelizing at open air markets
  9. Participating in public events through especially through volunteering and singing
  10. Visiting the imprisoned, offering moral support and preaching to them
  11. Offering grief support to the needy in our community. This also includes giving spiritual and physical support such as PA systems and chairs to such events as funerals
  12. Participation in tree planting drives and campaigns to ensure we preserve nature and a healthy environment.
  13. Giving out masks to the needy in the community during this Covid times.

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